3D Spider Arm Paint by Caroline Healy

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Follow these steps to create this amazingly realistic 3D spider! 
3D Spider

Products Used:

Diamond FX Face Paints In:


Loew-Cornell Brushes:

Round Number 1
Round Number 2
Round Number 3


3D Spider
  1. Begin by painting a oval shape for the spider's body, add a smaller half circle as a head.
  2. Gradually plan out the position of the legs and fangs using a round number 1 brush and Diamond FX black.
  3. Spider's legs are roughly 1 1/2 times it's body size.
  4. Use Diamond FX red with a Loew-Cornell round number 3 brush to paint two triangles on the spiders body.
  5. Paint the rest of the body black using the same number 1 brush.
  6. Add shadows below the body and legs using a damp number 1  round brush and black powder.
  7. Add white highlights using a liner brush and blend with finger. 
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