A Rosy Spring Eye Design ~ Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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It’s that time of year again! Time to show our love, and to get ready for Spring. Here is a design that is simple to do and only takes a few minutes. This design is very versatile. Dress up for your sweetie, or embrace the Spring Fairy Goddess! You can easily change the colors to adapt to a different theme. You can do tropical colors, blues and yellows, green and shamrocks for St Patrick’s day! There are lots of possibilities out there and it’s up to you!

Products and Tools:

Pressed Powders:
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Azalea
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Amethyst
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Ice Compact

Face & Body Paint:
TAG Rose 1-Stroke Split Cake
Diamond FX Mint Green Face Paint
Wolfe White Face Paint

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma Brush (3/4″)
Ben Nye Angle Contour/Rouge Brush RB-4 (5/8″)
Round Brush #1
Aqualon Filbert Brush #8 (1/4″)

Pink sheer cosmetic glitter


1. Using the pressed powders,  Add some color to the eye that you are not going to paint. This will help it match. I used the hot pink first, then blended in the the white shimmer for the highlights, and the purple for the shading.  I also added a little white shimmer to the lips.

2. Next using the 3/4″ flat brush and the tag split cake add paint across the eyes. You can do this by adding a tiny amount of water to the brush, then work back and forth over the paint, working in the same direction as the stripes. When the brush is nice and loaded, line up the brush with the bottom of the eyelid. Make sure the lightest color is facing on the outside. Wiggle and push up, and sweep up to a point.


3. Repeat on the other side. Make sure the lightest color is on the outside. Wiggle, push and twist the brush up to meet with the other side in a point.


3. Now using the filbert brush, add flowers to the design. These are double dip flowers. You can accomplish this by first, loading your brush generously with white paint. Remove a little bit of excess paint from the tip of the brush, and then load the tip of the brush with dark pink color.  To make a petal push down the brush from a standing up position. Then starting from the same standing point, push the brush down in a different direction.  It helps to do a practice petal to the side after each load to remove excess paint or water.


4. Add oval shapes for the roses. Place in empty spaces between the flowers. You can add two colors mixed together for the roses.  Don’t forget the green leaves!


5. Using the small round brush, Add dots in the center of the flowers using the white face paints.  Add swirls to the ovals to make into roses. Outline the leaves in white as well. Highlight as you see fit.


6. I went ahead and added a another green vine swirl, and a couple of white tear drops to complete the design.

7. Add Glitter! Using a mist spray bottle hold 12-15 inches away, and lightly mist the design. Then using the poof-able glitter, poof on all around. For the lips, I added a little bit of pink paint to the middle of the lips, then used my finger to add glitter. Use plenty!


You can experiment with adding different things. If you don’t like it, simply wipe away with a baby wipe, let dry and start over. This is a great design base to try different things.

Thank you for viewing!

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