Alien Halloween Makeup

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 Easy Alien Halloween Makeup

I hope that you are looking for a design that is out of this world, because that’s what I have for you all you cosmic cuties out there.

Here’s what you’ll need before we blast off:

  1. Paradise Black
  2. Paradise White
  3. Wolfe FX White or Diamond FX White
  4. Always Wicked Sponge
  5. Medium Filbert Brush

Launch Time!

Alien Halloween Makeup

Load your sponge with Paradise White and sponge white on the face. You will want the bottom of the face (cheeks and chin) to be smaller than the top. This way you will have a nice, big alien noggin.

Alien Halloween Makeup

Load your filbert brush with Paradise Black and start painting around the white you previously sponged in. You are creating the negative space for this design (no pun intended).

Alien Halloween Makeup

Continuing with Paradise Black and your filbert brush, paint in the alien eyes.

Alien Halloween Makeup

Using a dry brush technique, begin shading with Paradise Black and your filbert brush. You will want to shade on the top and bottom of the eyes, the sides of the nose and the cheeks. Load your filbert brush with Wolf White and paint in 3 dots on the top of each eye as shown in the picture.

Alien Halloween Makeup

Finally, load your filbert brush with Paradise Black and paint in the nostrils. I went ahead and painted the neck and covered his head with a black hood so you can see the design fully.

Alien Halloween Makeup

I really hope this Extraterrestrial look has you excited about discovering your own alien designs! Share your version with us on our Facebook page.

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for


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