Anatomy: Inside Out Makeup Video by Ulianka

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Hi! Today I painted muscles and bones for you. Although this look might take some time - it is very easy to do.  I got a bit carried away with it, so enjoy! ;)


Products Used:

For brows:

Mehron SynWax Molding Wax

Kryolan TL 9 Translucent Powder

Mehron Putty Modelling Stainless Steel Spatula


TAG 6 Color Skin Tone Face Paint Palette

Cameleon Baseline Face Paint - Blood Red

Mehron Black Paradise Face Paint

FAB Chocolate Brown Makeup 024

Superstar Face And Body Paint - Bright Orange 033


Mehron Mark Reid Signature Round Brush - #2 (1/16")

Global Brushes - Round #4 (1/8")

Flat Brush 3/4

Rake / Comb Brush size 10

Liner Brush


Ben Nye Thick Blood


Pastel Dreams Zombie Lenses


Anatomy & Physiology. Insides out by Ulianka


Ulianka is a face painter and body artist. Ulianka won many international contests in Face painting, body painting and makeup categories and has been featured by professional magazines and brands: Wet Paint, QMagazine, NYX, Mehron etc. As a part of her career she creates videos for BBC Scotland and runs face and body painting workshops around the world.


For more works find Ulianka on:





Music used: Ghost by Tim Beek

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


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