Anxious and Trapped Makeup by Zuri FX

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Emotions is the theme for this blog. As I was searching for creative inspiration for a Emotion. I suddenly felt many different emotions. In this design I chose Anxiety. But I think this look you can see that it can be pain, trapped, silenced, scared, introversion, anything you are feeling you will see in this photo. It is a 3 dimensional illusion inspired by a photo on Pinterest. 

Products used 

Diamond FX palette 

Small detail Brush 

Eyeliner Pencil 

Black Eye Shadow 

Blending Brush 

1. I took a makeup pencil and traced a outline of where I wanted the jail to go on my forehead. Taken my time. If you make a misplaced line just take you finger and wipe it away and try again. Trying to keep sketch lines straight. 

2. Using neutral colors I’m mixing diamond fx  face paints together to create shadows and blend my paints to make skin tones colors. Shading the corners and blending out to give the illusion it’s sunken in. 

3. Adding shadowing to create 3d effect. Creating a open door on my forehead. Highlighted the edges of the door. 

5. Add some realistic tears underneath your eyes by mixing teardrops related colors together 

4. Filling in the jail with black face paint and shade behind the door. I extended my headband to give illusion of door being opened. 


Zuri Fx Johnson, Makeup and Fx Artist, Kids Face painter, Theater Makeup artist.  All levels of makeup she enjoys! Zuri has been a professional makeup artist for 10 years. She always wants to enhance your beauty but also turn you into something you couldn't even imagine. 

Thank you for watching and viewing. I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial. More to come

See more of her and ask any questions you like.


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