Around the World - Arctic Painting Themed Body Paint by PTBarpun

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Hello friends! The image of cracked ice has always fascinated me, as well as the different shades of blue surrounding the ice. This paint was exploring a paint brush texture for the water and the image of ice partly in the water.



Step 1: White paint on a detail brush to map out the ice floe

Step 2: Fill in ice

Step 3: Teal body paint (slightly watered down) outlining the ice, you want it watered down so you can swipe this color slightly onto the ice and it makes it appear partially in the water.

Step 4: Alternate between black, deep blue and more teal to fill in surrounding areas, making obvious brush strokes.

Step 5: Add ice floes to where you would normally highlight with your makeup on your face. Take more white paint and highlight the edges of the ice on your body.

Step 6: Add white paint to eyelids and set with white eyshadow. Add black, teal and dark blue to face in obvious strokes.

Step 7: Add outline to ice on face and some light black paint in stipples on cheeks and lips. Ta-daa!

Products Used:

Mehron Paradise Paints in Teal
Mehron Paradise Paints in White
Mehron Paradise Paints in Black
Mehron Paradise Paints in Dark Blue
Global Colors Body Art in White

Detail Brush
Filbert Brush

PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for

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