Green Big Eyed Monster Makeup by Caroline Healy

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Big Eyed Green Monster

Monsters are always a favourite for Halloween and you will certainly scare a few friends with this creepy monster!

Create your own monster by following these easy steps!

Begin by marking out where the eyes and mouth of your monster will be, using a Loew-Cornell Round Number 6 Brush with the Light Green Facepaint, and then use a Kabuki Brush to apply a base of light green to the face and neck. Don't paint hair like I did as I later decided to paint it black!
Green Big Eyed Monster Makeup Step 1


Next paint the eye area including lids Yellow, using the Pretty Petal Brush.

Load a Teardrop Sponge with Diamond FX Black and fill in mouth area, paint the hair, and add shading under cheekbones and temple etc.

Outline the eyes and mouth using Diamond FX Black and a Round Number 1 Brush and then paint flared nostrils and wrinkles etc.
Green Big Eyed Monster Makeup Step 2

When painting the pupils in the eyes (especially where like me, you're painting this design on yourself)  I find it's easier to used a larger brush and then if needed you can sharpen the lines using a finer brush. I chose to use my Loew-Cornell flora number 6 brush, I also used this brush to add some wrinkles to the nose and forehead as it is thick but also has a very fine tip.

Load Diamond FX White onto the DF-2 Brush and paint horns, teeth and highlights to the eyes and some wrinkles. Highlights that look like an exclamation mark work well for eyes.
Green Big Eyed Monster Makeup Step 3

Using a Number 1 Round Brush again with Black Diamond FX again, outline horns, teeth and add more wrinkles to the nose.

Then to complete your monster look, use a Scale Stencil ( any would work) to create texture to your monsters skin!

To do this, activate Metallic Green Paint with one or two sprays of water and load onto a Finger Dauber.

The rule for stencils is don't let the paint or sponge be too wet! Add to areas as needed to create interest in your design .

You can also use a sealing spray when finished, Mehron and Kryolan both have good ones, but all the big brands will sell it.
Green Big Eyed Monster Makeup Step 4


Product list:
Diamond FX Black, White, Yellow 1050, Light Green 1057, and Metallic Green 1500

Loew-Cornell Round Number 6 Brush (for planning design, light green)
Mehron Kabuki Brush
Paint Pal Pretty Petal Brush (for yellow eyes)
Teardrop Sponge
Loew-Cornell Round Number 1 Brush (for black line work)
Loew-Cornell Flora Number 6 Brush (for painting black pupils and wrinkles)
Diamond FX DF-2 Brush (for white teeth, horns and highlights)
    (sub TAG Round Number 2)
Finger Dauber
Scales Stencil
Water Spray Bottle (for stencils, use one or two sprays to activate paint so that it's almost sticky to prevent blurring)

Now you're ready to go! Have fun and don't scare too many people!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I hope you found it useful!

I hope you found this blog useful for more of my work follow me on Instagram carolines_face_painting or Caroline's face painting on Facebook.

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