Black and White Face Alice Angel Inspired Makeup by Grimm Huneke

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Here is my black and white,  Alice Angel inspired makeup. I hope you enjoy it! 


Step One: Apply a white cream facepaint all of your faces and blend it out with a beauty blender. 

Step Two: Take a black eyeliner pencil and fill in your eyebrows, on your right eyebrow draw a circle around your eye connecting to the sides your eye. 

Step Three: Take a wipe and remove some sections of the white face paint on your face towards your mouth. Also, fill in your eye with black face paint and or black eyeshadow. 

Step Four: Take a white face paint and a small brush and draw teeth into the first 2 holes in the white face paint. 

Step Five: Take a black facepaint and fill in the 3 empty holes and fill in between the teeth. Then take a black lipstick or facepaint and apply it over your lips. Also, take a small detail brush to make a small mole on the edge of the eye. Lastly, take a detail brush and draw some lines on the top of your eye and the bottom. Think about wrinkles. 

Step Six: Take some black eyeshadow and dab around the eyes to make it more inky looking. Also, add the small black lines and draw it dripping down.  Also, add a line on the front of your nose to give it a cartoon effect.

Step Seven: Then take a large black brush with a black face paint and apply it around the neck to make a band. 

Step Eight:  Also then take a small detail brush and draw the lines down and up. Also, take black eyeshadow to over the top of the lines to blend them out more. 

Step Nine: Add gloss to your lips and Vaseline to any of the black areas to give a glossy ink look. Also, take a black blending brush and apply black eyeshadow to the outer side of your eye plus add a pair of black lashes.

Finally: Put on a wig and a pair of horns and you are finished! 



Grimm has always loved the artistic things in life, having a certification from Faces Etc of Mn they have learned to love the makeup field in every way. 

More work by Grimm: 


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  • This… is… beautiful and crazy.

    Miranda on

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