Blacklight Female Frankenstein Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial

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Frankenstein – this name is usually known for the hideous monster with stitches on its head. On the contrary, this is the name of the monster’s creator, Victor Frankenstein. The Frankenstein monster has always been a Halloween creature ever since.

Supplies:  We recommend Graftobian ProPaint for this design.

You can also get all the colors used in this design in one kit. Choose from Graftobian Makeup Kit or Diamond FX Makeup Kit.


Tips: Always start with a clean face. Make sure that all paints, tools and the work area are all clean. Prepare everything you need before you start.

Let’s paint! 

Step 1Apply prosthetic. Apply any scar/wound prosthetic you prefer. For this design, we used Tinsley Transfer Staplestein 3D Transfer.

Step 2. Create the base. Using a sponge, cover the whole face with Radioactive Green.

Create the base.

Step 3. Apply some highlights. With a sponge, highlight the green base using Electric Yellow.

Apply some highlights.

Step 4. Highlight the scar. Highlight the scars with Electric Yellow using a #2 round brush.

Highlight the scar.

Step 5. Fill the scars. Fill the scars with Shocking Pink using the same brush.

Fill the scars.

Step 6. Paint the lips. Paint the lips using the same brush and paint.

Paint the lips.

Step 7.  Paint the eyelids. Using a sponge, paint the eyelids with Atomic Orange.

Paint the eyelids.

Step 8. Create eyeliners. Using a #1 round brush and Raven Black, create eyeliners.

Step 9. Create eyebrows. Create the eyebrows using the same brush and paint.

Create eyeliners.

Step 10. Highlight the stitches. Highlight the stitches/wounds with White Swan and #2 round brush.

Highlight the stitches.

Step 11. Outline the prosthetic. Outline the staples with Raven Black and #1 round brush.

Outline the prosthetic.


Step 12. Highlight the hair. Using a sponge, highlight the hair with Electric Yellow.

Highlight the hair

The finished product! 



For other designs for this Halloween, check out our website’s Advanced Makeup Designs page. 

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