Burns Special FX Video - Checking the Iron by Ulianka

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I should not have checked the iron with my face, it was hot! My skin is burnt and peeling off. It is agony even looking at it! This gruesome iron burn on the face is perfect for Halloween!

For a little extra something, get a cheap (or broken) iron and use gelatin to create a sticky flesh effect (recipe below).

Products used:


Superstar 12 Color Skin Tone Palette (5 gm)

Superstar Face And Body Paint - Pecan Brown 031

Superstar Face And Body Paint - Line Black 163

Superstar Face And Body Paint - Yellow 144

Superstar Face And Body Paint - Fire Red 035

Superstar Face And Body Paint - Line White 161

SFX Supplies:

Mehron FX Stage Blood (4.5 oz)

Mehron Liquid Latex


Don't forget about an iron!

PTBarpun's homemade SFX Gelatin Recipe:

Gelatin is super stretchy and shiny and gooey, you could attach several strands to the iron or make a long strand from the iron to your face even. Of course, you won't want to do this to your "good" iron. We suggest using a cheap/used/broken one!


  • Mix equal parts glycerine, gelatin powder, and water
  • Heat carefully (raise the temp slowly) to melt the gelatin crystals
  • Add foundation, powder or acrylic paint to color. BOOM stretchy skin!

Ulianka Iron Burn


Ulianka is a face painter and body artist. Ulianka won many international contests in Face painting, body painting, makeup categories and has been featured by professional magazines and brands: Wet Paint, QMagazine, NYX, Mehron etc. As a part of her career she creates videos for BBC Scotland and runs face and body painting workshops around the world.


For more works find Ulianka on:

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/uliankaarty

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/uliankaarty

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FacePaintingUlianka 

 Music: Online youtube library


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