Butterfly Eye Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial

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_MG_7642Halloween isn’t all about scary and creepy stuff. Beautiful face paint makeup serves well too – like butterflies!

Supplies:  We recommend Graftobian ProPaint for this design.

You can also get all the colors used in this makeup design in one kit. Choose from Graftobian Makeup Kit or Diamond FX Makeup Kit.


Tips: Always start with a clean face. Make sure that all paints, tools and the work area are all clean. Prepare everything you need before you start.

Let’s paint! 

Step 1. Paint the wing’s middle. Create the middle part of the butterfly’s wing by painting Buttercup Yellow on the middle part of the eyelids using a sponge.

Paint the wing's middle.

Step 2. Paint the tipPaint the tip of the wing by painting Sunset Orange over the yellow paint. Use a sponge. 

Paint the tip.

Step 3. Paint the wing red. Using a sponge loaded with some Crimson Red, paint on top of the orange color to give the wing some depth.

Paint the wing red

Step 4. Paint a white eyeliner. On the corner of the eye, paint White Swan using #6 round brush.

Step 5. Paint the wing details. Paint the butterfly wing’s details with some Raven Black and a #2 round brush.

Paint the wing details.

Step 6. Highlight the wings. Using White Swan and a #6 round brush, add some white dots on the wings.

Highlight the wings.

The finished product!  



For more designs perfect for this Halloween, check out our website’s Advanced Makeup Designs page. 

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