Butterfly Fairy Princess

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Butterfly Fairy Princess


1.  Draw a faint outline with a light color to sketch out your design.

2. Make sure to always wash and clean your brushes, make up applicators, and sponges often in warm soapy water.  Shape them back into place before leaving out to dry.  


    Products Used In This Picture:

    Step 1: Starting with the yellow face paint, and your round brush, you’ll want to draw the outline of the yellow by starting with the corner of the eye, going up over the eyelid, draw curved lines going over the eyebrows and  meeting back at the outer corner of the eye.

    Step 2: Fill in the yellow outlines, covering all of the eyelids. Let dry.

    Step 3: Using your round brush, and the metallic white face paint, draw butterfly shapes along side the yellow. They don’t have to be detailed, that part comes later.

    Step 4: Next take the black face paint and a round brush, and lightly outline around the yellow shape.  Draw a thin line, starting from the inner corner of the eye and working your way long along the lash line to the outer corner. Make sure to join it with the black outlines. Using the same brush and paint, add in the details for the butterflies.

    Step 5: Taking your make up foam tip applicator, start to apply the Celestial  blue pressed powder, along the edges of the yellow shape. Concentrate the color along the black outline, and blend out to create a gradient.

    Step 6: Add three gem stones on each upper cheek, if using non adhesive gems, apply facial adhesive first. Fill in extra details on the butterflies using the yellow and white metallic face paints and a round brush.

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