Cat Halloween Makeup and Prosthetic Video Tutorial

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Today, we’re doing a Cat design using airbrush! Who doesn’t love cats?! Meow!

Supplies:  We recommend Graftobian ProPaint and Graftobian FX Aire.

Graftobian ProPaint

Graftobian FX Aire



  • Prosthetic by Cinema Secrets
  • Graftobian Translucent Powder
  • Pro Adhesive by Graftobian
  • pax
  • bondo
  • eyelashes

Tips: Always start with a clean face. Make sure that all paints, tools and the work area are all clean. Prepare everything you need before you start.

Let’s paint! 

Step 1Contour the prosthetic. Using Graftobian Translucent Powder and a blush brush, contour the edges of the prosthetic while placing it on top of the nose  area. This will serve as an indication to where you should put the adhesive.

contour the prosthetic

Step 2. Apply the glue. Spread some Pro Adhesive inside the contoured area.

Step 3. Refine the edges. Once the prosthetic is glued on the face, make the edges smoother with some Bondo and a spatula.

refine the edges

Step 4. Pax the prosthetic. Load a sponge with some Pax and spread on the  prosthetic. Pax is a mixture of Pro Adhesive and acrylic

Pax the prosthetic.

Step 5. Paint the eye creases. Paint the eye creases and the lower eyelids with White Swan using a #6 round brush.

Paint the eye creases.

Step 6. Blend the white paint. Slightly blend the white paint on the eye area to the screen to create a smooth transition.

Blend the white paint.
Step 7.  Powder the prosthetic. Brush some Graftobian Translucent powder on the prosthetic.

Step 8. Spray white stripes. Load your airbrush with some White, and paint over the chin, muzzle, forehead and around the eyes.

Spray white stripes.
Step 9. Spray orange stripes. Mix FX Aire yellow, white and red on the airbrush and spray around the face to create cat-like stripes.

Spray orange stripes.

Step 10. Spray deep gold stripes. With some Deep Golden Highlight, spray another batch of stripes. on the face.

Spray deep gold stripes.

Step 11. Spray brown stripes. Spray a darker shade of stripes on the design. Add a few drops of black on the Deep Golden Highlight to achieve this color.

Spray brown stripes.

Step 12. Spray darker stripes. Spray even darker stripe on the design by adding a few more drops on the current airbrush mixture.

Spray darker stripes.
Step 13Paint the nose. Paint Shocking Pink on the  nose using a small chisel brush.

Paint the nose.

Step 14. Paint the lips. Paint the lips with MegaGenta using the same brush.

Paint the lips.

Step 15. Paint the lips red. Now, paint the lips with some Crimson Red. Use the same brush.

Paint the lips red.

Step 16. Finish the lips. To finish the lipstick, paint Eggplant on the edges of the lips using Eggplant and the same brush.

Finish the lips.

Step 17. Paint the whiskers. Paint the whiskers and dots above the upper lip with some Fuzzy Bear Brown and #1 round brush.

Paint the whiskers

Step 18. Create the eyelashes. Using the #1 round brush and some Raven Black, paint the eyelashes on the eyelids.

Create the eyelashes.

Step 19. Attach eyelashes.

Attach eyelashes.

The finished product!  Meow! 



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