Cheetah Body Paint by Caroline

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CHeetah Makeup by Caroline


Create this fun cheetah make-up by following these simple steps. You could also add a pixie paint to the hair for some extra sparkle!

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Cheetah Makeup step 1
I began by applying a yellow base to the face and neck, I avoided the mouth, under eyes and center chest area as these parts will be painted white.

I chose to use the 'tiger' split cake by sillyfarm as it was a good colour match and has a nice shimmer. I mixed together the white, mustard and yellow by using circular movements with the sponge when applying.


Cheetah Makeup step 2

Next I used Diamond FX white to sponge in the muzzle area and on the center of the neck and chest.

For the white areas under the eyes. I used a number 5 round brush and then blended with a cotton bud while the paint was wet.

At this point I decided to continue the design into my hair. For this I used a sponge with the same yellow cake as before.

I love to use powders to shade as they are a lot more subtle. For this make-up, all the powders used were from Eliza Griffith Color me pro palette, which is definitely a must have part of my kit.

I used the bronze powder to shade down the sides of my nose and around the brow line, the yellow to blend on my eyelids and down the center of my nose. For all of the powder I used a filbert brush.


Cheetah Makeup step 3

The next step was to paint my nose black, using DFX professional brushes DF-2. Then using the same brush I marked out where the lines from eyes to mouth should be.

Using a filbert brush again I applied a layer of powder over the yellow base coat, this was to ensure an even coverage.
I marked out the center line on the forehead using the darker bronze/brown powder from the palette, again using a filbert brush.


Cheetah Makeup step 4
Next I painted the lines from eyes to mouth using the DF-2 brush again with Diamond FX black. This was then a good guide to where the lines on the forehead needed to be.


Cheetah Makeup step 5
I continued to use the DF-2 brush for the black spots and teardrops on forehead. I did however use a number 1 brush to paint around my eyes.

Cheetah Makeup step 6

Using the filbert brush, I applied a matte brown powder to soften any black lines. I also used the brown powder to blend the areas where the white paint meets the yellow and blended around my hairline.

My Loew-Cornell number 1 brush was perfect for painting some fine black hairs and the dots on the muzzle.


Cheetah Makeup step 6
Finally I used Diamond FX white and a number 0 liner brush to paint the whiskers and some more fur details.

I had a lot of fun with this paint... I really didn't want to wash it off! I hope you enjoy re-creating this look as much as me!

For more of my work follow me on Instagram @carolines_face_ painting or Twitter @carolinesfaces7.

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