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Pop Art Comic Face

The Classic Comic Book, simple and elegant.

Once upon a time the Sunday comics weren’t the smooth glossy colorful pictures you see today. The pictures were printed dots and harsh black lines, and that look has become a classic costume idea.


  1. Pull hair back out of the way
  2. Clean and dry the face
  3. Lay out all of your tools and supplies within easy reach


  1. Have a damp washcloth or small pot of water nearby so you can easily wipe off your fingers and brushes between color applications.
  2. It is always useful to have a picture of your desired end result nearby
  3. For this style of makeup symmetry is vital, what you do on the left, you must do on the right. This also means it is easy to fix mistakes, because you just do it on the other side so that it looks deliberate.




I can’t stress enough that symmetry is the true key to making this look really work.

  1. Apply your Mascara and chosen eye shadow color. You want to exaggerate them and make them strong and bold.
  2. Using a standard eye pencil or your black pencil apply heavy eyeliner
  3. With the black pencil you should draw a line that follows the crease in your eyelid, only do about ¾ of the crease.
  4. With the black pencil trace your eyebrows and blacken them in, then go around them again to take out some of the curve and make them a little bit straighter
  5. Still using the black pencil outline your face, then you will create some contours that would mimic the artist lines that created a face. Key areas to outline are your lips, dimple of the chin, nose, and cheekbones.
    • Cheekbones – most comic book artists would draw the cheeks in an arc coming in off the temple region, through the hollow of the cheek
    • Nose – there are several ways you can do the nose.
      • You can draw lines ¾ of the way down the side of the nose from the corner of the eyes, then blacken in the very bottom of the nose
      • A simple nose is simply a straight line down the center of the nose with arcs drawn at the curve of the nostrils and at the base, just above the lip.
      • Another popular nose is resembles a ‘J’. This starts at the top of the nose, runs along a corner and then hooks around the tip, like a ‘J’
  6. Now that you have done your outlining it is time to create the dots. For this step you might want a piece of paper, book, ruler or anything with a straight edge. The dots should be laid in straight 45 degree lines because you are mimicking how the old comics used to look. This can be a long slow process, but this is the part that will sell the makeup so don’t rush it.
  7. Apply setting powder with powder puff, brush away extra with soft brush.
  8. Once the dots are done, apply a bright lipstick and go over any black lines that need a touch up.

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