Eerie Clown Doll Makeup By Grimm Huneke

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Creepy cracked clown doll makeup for this Halloween season.

Materials Used: 

Step one: Apply a white facepaint base all over the face and neck. 

Step Two: Take a deep red blush and apply it on the tip of your nose and slightly below it. Then take apply the dark red blush to the apples of the cheeks in a circle shape. Also, take an angled brush and fill in your eyebrows in a curved shape.


Step Three: Take a powder brush and apply brown-red eyeshadow on the top and bottom of your eye. Then take another small brush and apply a blue shadow under your bottom waterline.

Step Four: Then take a darker brown shade and blend out the eye makeup downwards. Then take a black pencil and apply it on the top and bottom line of your top and bottom waterline. (It can be very messy since it is a clown makeup!) Then take another brush and blend out brown eyeshadow on your mouth and corners making it angled upwards. 

Step Five: Take a small angled brush and make two lines, one on top of your lid that reaches above your eye and one that goes down to the circles you made. Repeat on the other eye.

Step Six: Take a black pencil or detail brush and make random crack shapes on your face. Make them where ever you would like on the face. Then take a small brush with a brown shade and blend out eyeshadow in the crack areas where you think it would look best.

Final Step: Add a wig and any other accessories you want! 

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a spooky Halloween season! 


Grimm has always loved the artistic things in life, having a certification from Faces Etc of Mn they have learned to love the makeup field in every way. 

More work by Grimm: 


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