Cracked Statue SFX Makeup by Caroline Healy

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Follow these steps to create this cracked statue SFX make-up.
WARNING! Be very careful when using sand near the eye area. Cover and close eyes when possible. Also ensure sand is sealed fully with a layer of liquid latex.

Product List

Non Toxic Glue Stick
Essential White - Face Paints Australia
Sand ( Be careful near eye area!)
Piece of paper or card
Grey Powder - NYX Smokey Eye Palette

Cracked Skin SFX


  1. Begin by applying several layers of non toxic glue over eyebrows and hair ( this is to protect from latex and also to give a smoother finish.
  2. Use white facepaint with a number 5 round brush to plan out where the cracks will be.
  3. Plan out where the base of statue will be on chest area, using Diamond FX black with a round number 4 brush.
  4. Once you are happy with the shape, load an Eco sponge with Diamond FX black and sponge below your black line. This will make the areas you don't want visible in the final pictures disappear. ( on a black background)
  5. Next begin building up the areas where the SFX cracks will be. To do this apply liquid latex, then add sand, and repeat this process with the last layer being liquid latex so it seals the sand.
  6. Be very careful when using sand near the eye area, where possible keep the eye shut or covered! (Most of this part I did off camera, so that I could build up the sand safely)
  7. I used a stiff card like paper to create a flaking texture around each crack and sand. Some of the paper I cut with scissors, but I found it easier to tear the paper and this also made it easier to blend into my skin.
  8. Most of the paper was stuck and blended using liquid latex, although any paper which was close to my hairline I stuck using a non toxic glue and when blending with latex, I kept away from any hair.
  9. Allow time for the liquid latex to dry and then  paint the face, neck, chest and hair using a white facepaint with a kabuki brush.
  10. To create interest and depth, pull the edges of all cracks made by paper and latex away from the skin, and then use a grey powder to fill in the cracks and add shadows below.
  11. I also used this grey powder around my eye sockets and to contour.
  12. Use a Loew-Cornell round number 1 brush with Diamond FX black paint inside the edges of the cracked areas and then neaten the edges of the base of the bust using a Mark Reid round number 4 brush.
  13. Load a round number 1 brush with white facepaint and repaint eyelids in an oval shape so that there is a crisp edge between the eyeshadow and then paint over eyebrows so they are completely covered.
  14. Also use this brush to add highlights to the cracks created.
  15. Finally I painted a fine white line around the edges of my statue on my chest area, for added highlights. (Using the round number 1 brush) 
Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope you enjoyed this blog, for more of my work stay tuned or follow me on;
Instagram: @carolines_face_painting

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