Creepy Ghost Face Makeup Design by Caroline Healy

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Follow these steps to create your own creepy ghost face makeup design! I took inspiration from pictures of Pandora's box for the ghost's mouth, as I wanted it to look like tortured souls! 
Ghost Face Makeup

Products Used: 

Black wig from Watson Wigs UK


Step 1: I began by sketching out the design using a black khol pencil and then I painted my face white using a 3/4" firm stroke brush by Bolt. 

Ghost Face Makeup

Step 2: I switched to a round number 5 brush and loaded it with the white face paint so I could paint the small details of the skulls and faces inside my ghost's mouth. I also used this brush to paint the house on my chest white. 

Ghost Face Makeup

Step 3: Next I loaded a teardrop sponge with black face paint and filled in the eyes and nose area, around my hairline coming down the sides of my face, neck and then onto my chest. I also added some fine lines around the ghosts eyes and cheekbones using a round number 1 brush. 
Step 4: Next I loaded a teardrop sponge with Red face paint and painted in the area on my chest, blending into the black so that it looked like a spooky sky. 
Ghost Face
Step 5: Then I painted the windows in the house red and also the swirls in my ghosts mouth, using a round number 5 brush. 
Step 6: I used a round number 1 brush with black face paint to fill in the remaining areas in the mouth and then to also paint the trees, ground, roof and details in the windows of the house. I added shadows around my ghost face using black powder. 
Step 7: Finally I used a liner brush to add highlights to the trees, house and inside my ghosts mouth and to complete the look I added a long black wig. 
Ghost Face Halloween Makeup
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