Cute Chameleon Face Paint

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Cute Chameleon Face Paint tutorial

This weeks tutorial is on the cute side, so be prepared to be overloaded with cuteness! This design works great for boys or girls. With a little practice, this design can be done in under 5 minutes when needed. Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Global Fun Stroke Amazon
  2. Paradise yellow
  3. Global Neon Orange
  4. #4 Round Brush
  5. Filbert Brush
  6. Leaf Stencil
  7. Dot Stencil
  8. Sponge
  9. Optional:Wolfe Black and White for the eyes.

The Application:

Cute Chameleon Face Paint tutorial

Load your filbert brush with your Global Fun Stroke Amazon. keeping the darker color on the outside, begin painting your chameleon’s body. I always start with the chameleon’s head and work my way down to the body and tail from there. Don’t forget to add his little legs too!

Cute Chameleon Face Paint tutorial

Load your #4 Round Brush with Paradise yellow and paint a circle shape for the eye, followed by a series of stripes for the chameleon’s back.

Cute Chameleon Face Paint tutorial

Load your sponge with Global Fun Stroke Amazon and grab your leaf stencil. You can now stencil in leaves on the top and bottom of the design. Load the other side of your sponge with Global neon Orange and grab your dot stencil. Sponge in dots around the chameleon to fill in the design.

Cute Chameleon Face Paint tutorial

Load your #4 Round brush with darkest green from your Global Fun Stroke Amazon and outline the chameleon’s body and legs. Don’t forget to give him a curly tail.

Cute Chameleon Face Paint tutorial

At this point, you can use the optional Wolfe Black for the pupil and Wolfe White to highlight the eye. If you are short on time, you can just use the Dark Green for the pupil.

Cute Chameleon Face Paint tutorial

This design is really fun to play with, because you can change it up so easily by adding flowers, tree branch, or using different stencils for accents.

We want to see how your Chameleon Face Paint turns out, so don’t be shy and share it with us on Facebook. You can also let us know if there is anything special you would like to see from us for future tutorials and demos.

Until then… live, love, paint!

Stacey Perry is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for

Skull Face Paint by Stacey Perry Special Effects by Stacey Perry Credit: Stacey Perry

You can visit Stacey’s Artist Page at

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