Cute Holiday Gem Lipstick Tutorial

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This lipstick tutorial is great add to any holiday makeup, or for just lipstick in general, of course the jewel is optional but does stay on for quite a while!

Items Used:

Graftobian Glitter Red Lipstick

Graftobian Glitter Pink Lipstick ( I know it looks white it just didn’t catch the light very well!)

Gems– Optional

Vaseline or clear gloss ( these can be found just about anywhere)




1: Applying your Red Lipstick on the upper lip, I find it easier to get a small brush and apply a line so you don’t go passed it with the actual lipstick.

2: Apply half of the red lipstick on your bottom lip, if you would like to do this with your finger I find it easier to do that as the lipstick might be a little to big so you might end up covering your whole bottom lip on accident.

3: Apply your pink lipstick to the bottom on your lip, it might not look good at this point but that’s where the vaseline/lip gloss comes in!

4: Add your vaseline/lip gloss with your finger or a small brush.

5: due to the vaseline/lip gloss you might lose some color so I suggest going over with the pink lipstick again that way it’ll blend with the vaseline/lip gloss evenly then!

Final: Now add your gem and Tada! An awesome look to snaz up your look!

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