Cyborg/Robot Arm by Ulianka

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Today I am face painting a cyborg/robot arm in the shape of a glove. This cyborg Halloween makeup design is great for parties and other events. 

Cyborg Hand Halloween Makeup

Cyborg/ Robot Arm Tutorial

1. With a shimmer color palette and a big brush paint in the glove shape.

Cyborg Robot arm by Ulianka

2. With black paint, outline movable parts of the hand.

Cyborg/ robot arm by Ulianka

3. Add some white highlight outlines.

Cyborg / Robot Arm by Ulianka

4. Outline each part with darker pink shade to create a 3D effect, missing the areas with white highlights.

Cyborg / Robot aarm by Ulianka

 5. I also added some green pinstripping lines and outlined them with white.

Cyborg / Robot arm by Ulianka



Ulianka is a face painter and body artist. Ulianka won many international contests in Face painting, body painting, makeup categories and has been featured by professional magazines and brands: Wet Paint, QMagazine, NYX, Mehron etc. As a part of her career she creates videos for BBC Scotland and runs face and body painting workshops around the world.


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