Dark and Twisted Jester

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  1. For the best results wipe area with a baby wipe or with a warm wash cloth to remove any access dirt or build up.
  2. Make sure to have all your supplies, brushes, and references organized in a easy to reach spot.


  1. Use high quality brushes and professional products. It makes a difference in results.
  2. Practice your brush strokes on your arm or hand after loading the paint. It helps to make sure you have the consistency you want.


Small #0 Round Brush
Medium Filbert
1″ Flat Brush 

Products Used in this Picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Wolfe Face Paints Red

Optional: Ruler


  1. Starting with the white face paint and the 1 inch flat brush, start to paint half of the face white.  To activate the paint, add a tiny bit of water and work into the brush. To get a nice consistent edge, start at the top of the forehead and drag the brush down the middle of the eyes, nose and across the mouth to the bottom of the chin. Do the same for the forehead. Starting at the same spot as before, drag the brush across the forehead, following the curve of the face. Fill in. You might have to do two to three layers of white paint to get an even coverage.
  2. Next, using the medium filbert and the red face paint. Fill in the lips.
  3. Next using the round #0 brush, and the black face paint, start to create the black checkers. Start at the edge and drag across the face to make diagonal lines. Make sure they are evenly spaced, about an 1.5″ apart. It may help to use a ruler to make the lines. You can line it up at starting on the inner side, and then with the outer edge.  Make sure to use a very light brush stoke.
  4. Next using the 1″ brush or the filbert, whichever is more comfortable for you, start to fill in. Make sure to start and the edge and drag down for even coverage. Go nice and slow and the quality of the work will show. Happy Jestering! 

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