Dark Angel Makeup by Caroline Healy

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Dark Angel Makeup by Caroline Healy

Bring out your dark side with this creepy fallen Angel make-up.

The chunky glitter and red lips add a sexy edge, you're sure to stand out from the crowd at any Halloween party!

Product list

Elisa Griffiths Black Powder

Diamond FX White

Diamond FX Black

Cameleon Red Berry

Translucent Powder

TAG One Stroke Magpie

ABA Pixie Paint Gold

ABA Pixie Paint Purple

Mehron Kabuki Brush

Powder Puff

Powder Brush

Blusher Brush

Short Angled 1/2 Brush

Loew-Cornell Round Brush #3

Mark Reid Round Brush #4

Mark Reid Round Brush #6

Spatula For Chunky Glitter

Angel Wings Bling By Manuela Cason


Dark Angel Makeup Step 1 by Caroline Healy
Begin by applying a base coat of Diamond FX white to the face and chest area, using a Kabuki Brush by Mehron.

Next use a powder puff to apply the translucent powder over the white base, remove excess powder with a brush.


Dark Angel Makeup Step 2 by Caroline Healy

Mark out the shape of the wings around eyes using a black powder by Elisa Griffith.




Dark Angel Makeup Step 3 Detail by Caroline Healy

Use a short angled 1/2 flat brush and Magpie one stroke to paint feathers coming down to the cheekbones.

Dark Angel Makeup Step 3 by Caroline Healy

Outline the top of the wings / eyebrow area, coming down the nose to a point using Diamond FX black and Loew Cornell round number 3 brush.

Paint eyelids with Diamond FX White and Mark Reid round number 4 brush. Then shade the edges with a black powder to create depth.


Dark Angel Makeup Step 4 by Caroline Healy

Paint red circles on each eyelid, then outline and paint pupils with a number 3 round brush. I also used this brush to paint the lower lashes in.


Dark Angel Makeup Step 5 by Caroline Healy

Use the same number 3 brush to paint the necklace.  I researched witchcraft symbols so that the necklace looks authentic.


Dark Angel Makeup Step 6 by Caroline Healy

Add gold and purple glitter to the edges of the wings, coming down to the cheekbones.

Use Mark Reid round number 6 and red paint for the lips.


Dark Angel Makeup by Caroline Healy

To complete the look, I added some Angel wings bling, which you can purchase from Manuela Cason.

I hope you find this blog helpful, and enjoy recreating this look. More to come very soon!


My name is Caroline Healy I set up Carolines facepainting in Essex, UK around three years ago, and since then it has gone from strength to strength! My favourite make-up styles is gory, so I was really excited to be asked to do some blogs for HalloweenMake-up.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Carolines-face-painting
Instagram: @carolines_face_painting/

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