Dark Pheonix – It’s the Details that Make the Cosplay

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Dark Pheonix from X-Men doesn’t have much makeup, but what has really packs a punch

Some characters don’t have much in the way of noticeable makeup or features that you can duplicate, most of the character recreation is in the costuming. When it comes to cosplay, it’s the little things that really bring the character home. The attention to specific details is what really makes the character pop.

One of the details that can be difficult to duplicate is the eyes. Some characters such, as Storm, have eyes that go pure white, others such as the Dark Pheonix have eyes that turn to flame. One way to carry this off is not with fancy, expensive contacts, but by painting your eyelids.

We are going to show you how to achieve this look for Dark Pheonix from the X-Men.



Pull hair back out of the way

Clean and dry the face

Lay out all of your tools and supplies within easy reach



Majestic Face Paint Brush Kit (Contains a small and medium brush) Mehron slim Pro pencil black Graftobian Powder puff and makeup wedges

Phoenix closeup

Colors Used In this picture:

Ben Nye Face Paint – Sunshine Yellow Ben Nye Lumiere – Cherry Red Mehron Slim Pro-Pencil Slim Makeup – Black Wolfe Orange face paint Wolfe Skinz foundation Ben Nye setting powder


It will go much quicker and easier if a friend does this, but with care, you can manage it yourself. Schedule plenty of time because you want to make sure that each eye is set and dry before you start blinking

  1. Apply the foundation to the entire face with damp makeup wedge, including your eyebrows, try to make them almost invisible.
  2. With your eyelid closed trace the oval of your eyeball with the Sunshine Yellow using medium round brush.
  3. Using the medium brush outline the entire eye in Cherry Red, filling in most of the upper eyelid that remains uncovered by the previous makeup application.
  4. Using the fine brush feather out the edges of the red, giving it a flame-like appearance
  5. Add orange highlights with fine brush for a more flame like appearance.
  6. Use the black pencil to create eyebrows over top of your new flaming eyes
  7. Use the black pencil to draw the top arc on the eyelid that traces your eyeball.
  8. Draw a black line along your lash line and connect it to the upper arc
  9. Use powder puff to pat on setting powder over black pencil brushing off extra powder with soft brush.


  • Make sure all makeup is dry and set before blinking, you may wish to use Mehron Barrier Spray to set the makeup.

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