Day of the Dead Step-by-Step How-To

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Day of the Dead


  • Make sure you start with a clean face, with no makeup or dirt. Pull back hair to keep out of the way.
  • Have all your supplies, tools, paints, brushes, and inspiration, organized and ready within arms reach.


  • Look at your completed outfit for ideas on what colors to use on your design. You’ll want to match what you are wearing to look your best. 


Colors Used In This Picture:


1. Start by taking the high density sponge, and dipping completely in your water. Squeeze excess water from the sponge. 

2.  Take your white face paint, and generously wipe the sponge across the paint, allowing as much paint as possible to absorb into the sponge.

3.  With your fully loaded sponge, start by dabbing the sponge across the face, lips, nose, and cheeks.  Make sure to get all around the eye too. It’s okay if you cover the eyes and eye lids, it will be easily covered by the black. By dabbing your sponge across the face instead of wiping, you will get a nice even coverage. 

4. Next, take your #4 Filbert brush and outline the eyes with the black face paint. You’ll want to paint over the eyebrows,  extend out to the edge of the eye socket. come underneath the lower eye lashes, around to the inside corner of the eye, back to the eyebrows. 

5. Taking the same brush, and black paint, you’ll want to paint the tip of your nose. Paint two points at the top of the nose, and making sure to get underneath the nose as well. 

6. Next, you’ll want to grab your round#6 brush, and load with red face paint. Paint a heart in the middle of your forehead, between your eyes.  

7. Taking the same brush, paint a red rose at the top of your forehead, all the way up to the hairline. Paint a smaller rose on your chin.

8. Continue to paint red around the the eye sockets, by making small round curves all around the eye. Take your time, and you wont’ be disappointed!

9. Finish painting by taking your round #1 brush and outline the rose petals with black. Start at the top and draw little petal shapes and working your way down. Add the leaves to the rose on your chin with the same brush and black.

10. With the #1 brush and black, start at the corner of your mouth and gently draw a line across your lips to the other side.  Gently draw lines going down, by starting at the top of your lips and gently pulling the brush down. 

11. Add dots, details, and any other lines you want to add with black paint and the #4 Filbert brush.

12. Apply your fake lashes, by adding the eyelash glue to the bottom of your fake lashes.  let it dry for a moment before applying. When applying, make sure you are directly on top of your lashes. Start with the corner of your eye, and press lashes down into your own. 

All finished! Complete your look by putting flowers in your hair. You can also add ribbons, glitter, or anything else you might feel would complete your look. 


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