Deer Makeup with Homemade Antlers by PTBarpun

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Hi friends! 

I wanted to add a new dimension to the usual deer look so I whipped out my thermoplastic! I hope you enjoy creating your own style of antlers as I did!

For anyone unfamiliar - thermoplastic is tiny plastic beads which begin hard and white, but once they're placed in hot water they look like this:

The beads will go clear and suddenly be moldable! Once your thermoplastic is moldable take it and squish a small portion into a worm type thing, and then working quickly press one end against a flat surface (this will provide a flat surface to put against your face!) 

Very quickly before it goes firm make two smaller worms and press against the first big piece  - thermoplastic sets VERY quickly so if you need to dunk everything in hot water again, do it! If it's all hot enough, the small worms will immediately fuse to the large one!

I had a bowl of ice water nearby to dunk my antlers into once they were the shape I wanted, I recommend doing this!

Once you've made two antlers we're good to go for makeup!

I used white powder to highlight my cheekbones, bronzer very heavy on the lower cheeks and forehead, I also held the antlers to my head and mapped out where they would sit. Eyebrows lightly filled in.

I contoured my nose very wide and swiped bronzer onto my eyelids. Brown water activted paint for the bottom of my nose, black paint on a detail brush for the mouth.

I used white paint on a q tip and lightly press to make dots all over cheeks. I used eyeliner with heavy spikes on the outer and inner corners.

Take some prosaide, heavily apply to the dots on your forehead and the antlers. Wait until set and very tacky, apply antlers, boom! You are now a deer!

Products used:
Mehron paradise paints in black
Mehron paradise paints in white
Mehron paradise paints in dark brown
White eyeshadow
Instamorph thermoplastic

PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for

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