DIY Fast Clay Monster Scales by PTBarpun

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Do you need scales in the next 2 hours? Do you have clay, a butter knife, makeup sponges and liquid latex? Holy cow are you in luck! That's right, PT's providing more fast projects for fellow broke artists! Check out how I do this thingy!

Step one: get your clay (I used hard clay for this but you can even use cheapo modeling clay from the dollar store. Most Dollar Trees I've been to have a neato 4 pack of clay sticks!) make a diamond with your fingers, if you have a hard time getting the edges pointy just use a clay tool or butter knife.


Step 2: Make some friends for your diamond!

Step 3: Make a second layer of diamond buddies and lay them so their points are in between the points of the first layer.


Step 4: More buddies! Keep layering and let them form an upside down triangle shape (or whatever shape, it's your life).


Step 5: Dab Liquid Latex on and around your diamond buddies. Wait for latex to dry, add more, wait to dry, add more. Do this for around 4 layers. I used a hair dryer to help dry - important note, try to use the heat sparingly (I mainly use the cool blast) you don't want the clay to begin to melt under the liquid latex.


Step 6: Use a brush and a ton of setting powder and powder the butts off your latex. Scrape an edge and gently lift your latex while constantly powdering as you lift to prevent the latex from sticking to itself. You can use a small fluffy brush to help with this. 

Step 7: To apply: I use prosaide cream but you can totally use more latex as an adhesive. I use latex to blend the edges into my skin. I plug any tears or holes with prosaide cream and latex on a q tip.


Step 8: Paint! make sure to highlight the edges of the scales and use a detail brush to outline the scales as well for maximum depth! Use stipple sponges for texture to help hide edges if you made yours too thick! Enjoy!


Materials used:
NSP Medium Chavant Clay
Clay Sculpting Tools
Liquid Latex
Mehron Loose Powder
Small Fluffy Brush
Mehron Paradise Body Paints
Prosaide Cream
Detail Brush
Stipple Sponges

PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for

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