Doll Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial

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Dolls are always present in the Halloween parades and  in the trick or treats. So, let’s do a little less scary and creepy version of this favored toy.

Supplies:  We recommend Graftobian ProPaint for this design.

You may also get all the face paint colors used in this design in one kit. Choose from Graftobian Makeup Kit or Diamond FX Makeup Kit.


Tips: Always start with a clean face. Make sure that all paints, tools and the work area are all clean. Prepare everything you need before you start.

Let’s paint! 

Step 1Create a base. Using a sponge, cover the whole face with White Swan.

Create a base
Step 2. Apply some blush. Using a blush brush and Candy Apple from the Graftobian Blush Palette, add some blush on the cheeks.

Apply some blush.

Step 3. Apply another blush. Add another layer of Blush color to the cheeks to blend in the rosy cheeks.

Step 4. Paint the eyelids. Cover the eyelids with some Shocking Pink loaded on a sponge.

Paint the eyelids.
Step 5. Outline the eye creases. With Wild Violet using a #6 round brush, Color the eye creases.

Outline the eye creases.

Step 6. Blend the purple. Using a wide chisel brush, blend the purple paint on the eyes.

Blend the purple.

Step 7.  Create an eyeliner. Using the same brush, paint a line of the same color underneath the eyes. Then, blend with a chisel brush.

Create an eyeliner.
Step 8. Create white eyeliner. Using White Swan and #2 round brush, create a white eyeliner on the lower eyelid.

Create white eyeliner.
Step 9. Outline the eyes. Using Raven Black and #1 round brush, create an outline around the eyes. This is where the eyelashes will be drawn from.

Outline the eyes.

Step 10. Blend the black outline. Using Eggplant paint and chisel brush, blend the black outline.

Blend the black outline.
Step 11. Draw the eyelashes. Using Raven Black and #1 round brush, draw the eyelashes.

Draw the eyelashes.
Step 12. Draw eyebrows. Using Raven Black and #6 round brush, draw the eyebrows

Draw eyebrows.
Step 13Paint the lips. Using a #6 round brush, paint the lips with Sunset Orange.

Paint the lips.
Step 14. Add depth to the lips. Add some depth to the lips by painting Imperial Red using #6 round brush.

Add depth to the lips.
Step 15. Create the hinges. Using a #2 round brush and Fuzzy Bear Brown, draw a line from each side of the lips down to the chin to create the iconic doll mouth hinges.

Create the hinges.
Step 16. Trace the hinges. Trace it with Raven Black using #1 round brush to add some depth to the hinges.

Trace the hinges.

Step 17. Paint freckles. With Fuzzy Bear Brown and #1 round brush, paint some freckles.

Paint freckles.

Step 18. Highlight the lips. Paint White Swan with #2 round brush on the lips to give it some glare.

Highlight the lips.

The finished product! 



For other designs for this Halloween, check out our website’s Advanced Makeup Designs page.

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