Video: Easy 3 Color Scarecrow Face Paint Tutorial by Bengal Queen

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Learn how to make this quick, easy, and creepy scarecrow face paint by using only 3 colors! I'll also teach you how to "stamp" your face with simple fabric - a great option if you don't have access to stencils! Play around with other patterns too if you like... the creative possibilities are endless! 💛🖤💛


Products 🎨

👻 WolfeFX Monster Palette OR 💎 Diamond FX Monster Palette (Both have that perfect muted yellow color!)

⚫️ Graftobian Raven Black OR Wolfe FX Black Face Paint

⚪️ Graftobian White Swan OR Wolfe FX White Face Paint

⬛️ Black Eyeshadow


Tools 🛠

🖌 Mehron Hydra Foam Sponge (cut in half)

🖌 Medium Round Brush

🖌 Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush

🖌 Liner Brush

🖌 Small Angle Brush

🖌 Round Brush that comes in the Wolfe FX palette/Diamond FX OR Fine Tip Round #2 Brush (Mouth details)

🖌 Piece of fabric with raised crosshatch pattern

 Creepy Scarecrow Makeup by Bengal Queen

📝 *Side Note: I used Graftobian when I first started Body Painting and then switched to WolfeFX after I found it to be more pigmented. I decided to give Graftobian another shot, but I still personally prefer Wolfe FX... HOWEVER, they both have pros and cons! For starters, both are water-activated, but Graftobian is glycerin-based and Wolfe FX is wax-based. What does this mean?!...


Glycerin Based Paints: 

- Tend to load more quickly on your brush/sponge.

- Dry slower, but because of this are ideal for dry/wet blending with a brush/sponge.

- Can make small brush detail work more difficult since they usually load thickly.

- Work as great bases for adding decorative powders on top, and for holding glitter.


Wax Based Paints:

- Load quickly, but you get an opaque yet thinner load, more like using watercolors.

- Easily do fine brushwork details and layer colors with limited bleeding.

- Dry quickly, so you have to blend faster.

- More durable on the face, but are not sweat resistant (like all water-based paints).

In the end, the best way to figure out what works for you is to try out multiple paints and get a feel for what you like more. Everybody is unique, and so are their preferences! ❤️🎨


Music Credit:

🎵 "Ghost" by Tim Beek; Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


Alicia Quesada has been actively working in the beauty industry for more than twelve years. From training with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, to independently working with models, photographers, and stylists, she is well versed in the fast paced environment of the makeup world.

She has won numerous face painting competitions, been published in body painting magazines, and has a YouTube channel that has amassed over 1.5 million views and counting. You can almost always find her in her studio creating, running her business, and loving art!


See more of her work and interact with her here! 😃❤️🎨






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