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You can easily make at home some really impressive horns for a lot of different characters!

First of all, you need to think about what type of horns do you want. And, of course, how many of them you need. It can be useful if you make a sketch of your look and place horns where do you want them to be so you can know how you will arrange them. Using this method I did some characters for one music video with horns basically everywhere, on the neck, shoulders, face, head, down to spine... there is never something like a monster with too many horns if you ask me. So let's make some horns!

1. Sculpt Your Horns

I bought one board of pink polystyrene, cut out small pieces with the scalpel. Then I basically carved out horns from those pieces that by slicing it on sides. Be careful while using scalpel! 

And use something like a hair net, otherwise, you will glue your hair to your face. 


2. Apply the Horns

Start placing horns by gluing them with Pros-Aide Adhesive II (1 oz). If you are doing them in pairs like me make sure that they are as symmetric as can be and cut out bottom part so you can place horns on the face in the direction you want.

Take some strips of cotton, and dip them in the Mehron Flesh Liquid Latex.

Go around every horn with cotton and Mehron Flesh Liquid Latex buildup. While latex is still super runny blend out edges with something like a small spatula (I used my nails). 

3. Apply Makeup

Paint horns in Mehron Light Brown Paradise Face Paint LBR

Paint roots of horns in PartyXplosion Black Aqua Face Paint and blend out towards the tip of horns. I do all painting job using Mehron Paradise Flat Versatile Brush (1/8").

Use A LOT of foundation to cover imperfections and blend the latex in parts with face. 

And that is all! As I said this it is very easy to do horns this way and adjust them to any character you want, you only need to know this technique. I hope this will be as useful for you as it was for me. 

Product list:

Pink polystyrene


Pros-Aide Adhesive II (1 oz)

Mehron Flesh Liquid Latex

PartyXplosion Black Aqua Face Paint 

Mehron Light Brown Paradise Face Paint LBR


Blending sponge

Mehron Paradise Flat Versatile Brush (1/8")



If you try out this technique I would like to see it. You can find me on Instagram as @cedoviste.

Love, Ana.

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