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In this step by step tutorial I will show you two different ways to create gory Halloween makeup cuts. I used a Monster paste professional SFX transfer for the sore on the back of my hand and Kryolan Cine-Wax to create the cut on my thumb.

Easy SFX Cuts: Final



Monster paste professional SFX transfer

Spirit Gum

Modeling Wax

Sculpting Tool

Loew-Cornell Gold Grip Round Brush #1

Mehron Contour/Highlight Palette (or other skin-matching cream foundation)

Mehron ProColoRing™ Bruise


I began by cleaning my hand with an alcohol wipe to remove any oils. 

I then applied a Monster Paste professional SFX transfer to the back of my hand, which is done in the same way as a traditional child's temporary tattoo. Monster Paste is waterproof, latex free and very easy to apply!

Easy SFX Cuts Step 1: Monster Paste Transfer


Next I applied some spirit gum to the area on my thumb where the cut will be. I did this to secure the wax.

I then rolled a small amount of Cine-Wax into a sausage shape and placed it over the spirit gum and blended in the edges using a Sculpting Tool. I then uses a small amount of Vaseline over the wax to create a smoother finish. I also used the sculpting tool to make a cut through the wax.

Easy SFX Cuts Step 2: Cine-Wax


As the wax I was using is white in colour, I needed to use a foundation to match it to the skin. I used Mehron Cream Palette. This step wasn't necessary with the monster paste transfer as it is transparent and there are no edges to blend in either.

Easy SFX Cuts Step 3: Mehron Cream Palette

I then used Bloody Rose, the Red from my Mehron Pro ColoRing Bruise Wheel around each cut/ sore and also the Maize Yellow and Spanish Olive to give a bruised effect.

Easy SFX Cuts Step 3: Add bruising

To add more depth to the wounds, I painted around the inside edges, using Midnight Sky (which is also from my Bruise Ring) and a Loew-Cornell #1 Round Brush. But any small brush will be fine. 

Easy SFX Cuts Step 3: Add depth

Finally I used two types of blood to fill the wounds. Vermilion scratch was perfect for the clots and the Vermilion FX crimson runny blood to make the wound look fresh and more gruesome!

Easy SFX Cuts Step 3: Cuts & Blood 1


Easy SFX Cuts Step 3: Cuts & Blood 1

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, please tag me in your own creations!

My name is Caroline Healy I set up Carolines facepainting in Essex, UK around three years ago, and since then it has gone from strength to strength! My favourite make-up styles is gory, so I was really excited to be asked to do some blogs for HalloweenMake-up.com. If you would like to see more of my work , please take a look at my pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Carolines-face-painting
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