Elf Design Tutorial

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Wolfe ebony

Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz Copper

Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz Silver Green

Woochie Space Ear Tips FX kit

Your favorite Prosthetic wax or latex, such as MEHRON LIQUID LATEX

flesh coloured facepaint palette such as TAG skin tones facepaint

1 big half round sponge such as Always Wicked (2 3/4″ x 1 1/2″)

round brushes size 1 and 3

false spider eye lashes

eyelash glue

Elmer’s school glue stick

Loose or compact body powder


This is supposed to be a soft “natural” look, so no white or black will be applied.

Begin with the coverage of your eyebrows. Comb your brows in the direction of their growth. Coat them in a layer of body powder. Now apply a layer of glue. Apply powder again until it is not sticky anymore (repeat 2-3 times until your brows are blended in and the surface feel smooth, last coat must be powder)

With a sponge apply flesh colored paint all over your face including your lips (choose the most pale tone of your palette. Making sure your natural eyebrows are well covered.


Now it’s time to apply your elf ears. Please follow the detailed instructions that come with your Whoochie FX kit.

Use your favorite prosthetic wax or latex to shape exaggerated cheekbones, and a pointy chin and elf nose.  Depending on the consistency of your latex you may have to do it in 2 or even 3 steps. Let it dry thoroughly.

I was not able to the cheeks in the photo good enough; shape it like a sharp edge along your cheekbone


Sponge on a fair flesh tone from your TAG skin palette and make sure to cover your eyebrows and prosthetics well so they blend in with your skin

Then apply shimmery green where you would normally add low lights to your makeup (along your jawbone, under your cheekbones just to the edge, along the sides of the nose, under the nose, under the chin and finally on the upper part of your eyes up to your natural – hidden- brow and smudge it out to your temples). You want to give your face a fresh green glow.

Then load the back of the sponge with shimmery copper and apply on the eyelids and just a tiny bit underneath your eye. Blend in towards your temples. Apply a bit on your lips.

Now load a number 3 round brush with the same copper and paint on some tribal marks.

Load a small round brush to give the tribal marks more depth and outline your lips with it. Smudge it towards the shimmery copper.



Finally paint on pointy brown eyebrows with Wolfe ebony and a round brush number 3 and if you like apply delicate fake eye lashes.



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