Emotions: Happy and Sad Mask Makeup Illusion by Caroline Healy

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Follow these steps to create this happy and sad mask. This design really comes 'alive' as it incorporates your own eyes, giving added movement.

Product List
 Brown Liner Pencil
 Diamond FX White
 Diamond FX Black
 Cameleon Banana Yellow
 Diamond FX Seabreeze One-stroke (sub TAG Dolphin Onestroke)
 Global Colours Neon Nivana Split Cake
 Diamond FX Green
 Loew-Cornell Gold Grip Round Brush Numbers 1 3 And 5
 Short Angled 3/4 inch Brush
 Short 1/2 Flat Brush
 Mark Reid Round Brush #6
 2x Teardrop Sponges


Happy and Sad Mask Illusion Step 1

To begin, I marked out the basic design using a liner pencil.

I painted the whites of the eyes using Diamond FX and a number 3 brush.

Emotions: Happy and Sad Mask Illusion 2

Blue is the colour to represent sadness, so I painted this side with a onestroke called Seabreeze and a flat 3/4 brush.

For the happy side of my masks I sponged on yellow. I choose this colour as it represents joy.

Emotions: Happy and Sad Mask Makeup Illusion

Using a clean teardrop sponge and Diamond FX black, I filled in the area's between and around each mask into the hairline. I then used a Mark Reid round number 5 brush to neaten the edges etc.

Next I used a 1/2 flat brush and loaded the Red, Orange and Yellow from the Neon Nirvana onestroke.

I painted each iris green using a number 5 brush.

Then I used Diamond FX black with a number 1 brush to paint eyeliner, eyebrows, centre of eyes and nose etc.

Finally I added white highlights to the eyes, cheeks, chin and also around some of the edges of each mask. For this I used the number 3 brush again.


I hope your enjoyed reading this blog.

When I was planning this paint, I was worried about the placement of the eyes and if it would actually work on my face. I am fortunate to have some wonderful face painting friends, who helped me brainstorm.

So I would like to finish by thanking them all and especially debz mills.

For more of my work, follow me on Instagram: carolines_face_painting.

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