Eye Infected With Other Eyes SFX by PTBarpun

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You know how annoying getting an eyelash in your eye is? Well what about getting THREE OTHER EYES in your eye? This look is really excellent for those of you who enjoy giggle fits because m'dudes I was legit crying with laughter when I put the first large eye on. 10/10 would recommend!

1 - We're starting off with good old fashioned homemade gelatin (equal parts powder gelatin, glycerin and water in a microwave for 15 seconds at a time until gelatin crystals are dissolved) mixed with white color. You can use eyeshadow, flocking, acrylic paint or body paint.

2 - Now grab your 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon measure and fill with your FX gelatin. Stick those bad boys in the freezer for 5 minutes. You can easily remove the gelatin by rubbing your thumb on the set surface firm enough to lift an edge. I made one 1 teaspoon gelatin piece, one 1/2 teaspoon and three 1/4 teaspoon pieces.

3 - Grab your acrylic paints and detail brushes and paint your iris/pupils and veins!

4 - get your liquid latex, a small bowl and a makeup sponge and dab on 4-6 layers of latex on a flat surface in a rectangle shape. Once dried carefully peel up while heavily powdering with loose powder.

5 - Get your latex sheet you just made and a cotton ball, you're going to use the cotton ball to guard your model's closed eye and also provide support for the latex sheet you just made. The latex sheet is the base of our eye look.

6 - I used prosaide cream to block out the eyebrow. I also used a little prosaide cream to initially glue on my latex sheet. I then used liquid latex on a makeup sponge to blend the edge.

7 - Apply prosaide cream to the back of the largest eyeball, and to the middle of the latex sheet. Wait until glue goes clear and apply. Then, take a strip of cotton, dunk it in liquid latex, and using clay tools and your fingers create a new eyelid for your eye.

8 - Apply more prosaide cream to the large eyeball, as well as prosaide to the smaller eyeballs and stick small eyeballs to the large one. Again use liquid latex and cotton to create eyelids for your new eyeballs!

9 - I used Mehron Paradise Paints in Coral and Beach Berry on a makeup sponge to messily redden the eyelids and area surrounding. I used the Coral color to line the inside of the eyelids as well. I then took a small strip of cotton and stuck it on as a new eyebrow using Pros-Aide Adhesive.

10 - I packed on Brown Eyeshadow onto the cotton strip to complete the eyebrow and used a Lime colored body paint to add more patchiness to the skin, and lined the top of the eyelids with Paradise Black paint.


Optional as well - take some clear nail polish and slap a couple coats onto the eyeballs for some extra shine!!

Products used:
Mehron Paradise Coral
Mehron Paradise Beach Berry
Mehron Paradise Black
Mehron Paradise Lime
Cotton Balls
Liquid Latex
Acrylic Paints
Brown Eyeshadow

PTBarpun is a special effects makeup artist, body painter and partnered live streamer for Mixer.com


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