Fantasy Revealed Zipper Face Makeup

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Fantasy Revealed Zipper Face Makeup

Let’s have a little fun with a fantasy design, we are going to integrate an actual zipper into our colorful makeup design. We will need adhesive, so make sure you use one that will be safe for your model.

*Start with a clean slate, model must be free of any previous makeup and facial oils.


Foundation to match

Ben Nye Cocoa Rose Rouge

Mehron AdMed Silicon Adhesive

Mehron Medical Adhesive remover

Ben Nye Lumiere Cream Makeup: Sun Yellow, Royal Purple, Cosmic Violet, Azalea, Bronze, Golden Apricot

Paradise Black Liquid Detailz


Makeup Wedge Sponge

Powder Puff

Powder Brush

Medium Round Brush

Stipple Sponge

Mehron Smoothie Contour Sponge

Step 1. With your black detail makeup draw the lines forming the area where the zipper will be adhered. Start at the edge of the eye on the opposing side of the face, make the upper line on an angle into the hair line. The lower line will go across the bridge of the nose to the ear lobe.

Step 2. Apply the foundation to the area outside of this pie shape with wedge.

The color wedge: 

Step 1. Begin with the yellow apply to forehead and area above eyebrow with your wedge.

Step 2. With the Smoothie apply yellow in the inner eye region with the tip of the applicator and just below the eye.

Step 3. Azalea will highlight the outer edge or the yellow to the hairline. Again use the smoothie to fill the contours of the outer face edge.

Step 4.  Continue this method bringing the azalea down the temple into the eye area.

Step 5. Softly roll a bit of the azalea along the bridge of the nose to the edge of the eyebrow.

Step 6. Where the yellow stops below the eye, continue upward toward the temple with cosmic violet, again use the smoothie.

Step 7. Bring your violet out across the cheek bone.

Step 8. With the stipple sponge apply the royal purple to the cheekbone.

Step 9. Paint in bronze flecks with a detail brush.

Step 10. Use your Paradise liquid black to highlight eyes.

Apply zipper:

Step 1. Paint adhesive over the line where the zipper is to set, take care not to get adhesive in hair. Also apply adhesive to the back side of the zipper.

Step 2. Wait a few moments for adhesive to become tacky, now start at the edge of the nose working outward, press the zipper on skin.

Step 3. Use a hair pin to hold the zipper in the hair.

Finishing touches:

Step 1. With powder brush add cocoa rose rouge to highlight cheek bones.

Step 2. Apply apricot to lips with medium round brush.

*To remove zipper, saturate cotton swab with adhesive remover, work under edge of zipper to loosen and peel. Re- wet swab as needed. Remove remainder of adhesive with cotton ball and remover.

BE CAUTIOUS with adhesive and removers especially around the eye.

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