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The clock is ticking down to the day many of you have been anxiously awaiting, Halloween. For some of you time may have just slipped away and you are stuck without an idea for a costume or makeup. Well don’t panic, we can get your gored up in a flash with some awesome easy application scars and makeup kits.

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Tinsley tattoos and 3D effects transfers are about the fastest method on the market for applying scars and other gruesome effects. Road rash, scars, burns and even zombie effects are among the items offered in the Tinsley line. If you can put on a temporary tattoo then you can handle one of these transfers. The tattoos are as simple as a standard temp tattoo and the 3D effect style is just about as easy with one or two extra steps depending on the specific scar of wound.

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Adding in some fake blood always heightens the gore factor and we have a few options to consider. Stage blood is good for a fresh cut or vampire bite or some of the thick blood or scab effect makes it look as if the wound is healing.


If you have a hand for makeup application but can’t think of the right look our character kits are all stocked and ready to go with supplies and instructions to get the desired look. The pirate is a classic costume and who wouldn’t look good as a full on werewolf.

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Adding fangs or tooth effects to your makeup can really jump up the scare factor on your makeup look. Always make sure to read any warning about existing dental work or braces before you try these products.

Order now to have your order shipped in time for Halloween and remember the coupon scary 10 to receive the discount.

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