Flamenco Sugar Skull

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X216With the return of sophisticated couples dance such as ballroom and swing, many costume parties have reverted to the more elegant feel of the costume ball. To give a romantic look to your makeup we present a Latin flavored Flamenco Sugar skull tutorial.


Wolfe Black

Wolfe White

Wolfe Skinz Rich Ivory

Setting Spray


Makeup sponge

1/16″ detail brush

Medium round brush

3/8″ flat brush

*As with any makeup job, make sure face is clean and free of facial oils before application.

Step 1. Activate Rich Ivory makeup with water and apply to entire face and neck using makeup sponge. You may skip the eye sockets as they are going to be fully black.

Step 2. Hydrate the black makeup, paint the spider web design on the forehead with detail brush.

Step 3. Still using the black and detail brush, add the shading to your web.

Step 4. Create the black eye socket using the flat brush. Make the circle above the eyebrow and continue below the eye following the cheek bone and the edge of the bridge of your nose.

Step 5. The flower petals around the eye are made with the medium round brush and black paint.

Step 6. Thoroughly clean the medium brush and fill in the flower petals with white paint.

Step 7. The nose is painted black using the flat brush. Color the end of your nose black, then draw an M over the bridge of your nose with the edge of your flat brush, fill this in solid black.

Step 8. The mouth is easy; use the medium round brush and black paint draw a line from the edge of the mouth outward. Next make vertical hashes to give a stitched look to your mouth.

Step 9. Spray entire face with setting agent.

* Finish the look with a black head piece and silk roses and your makeup job is complete.

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