Frankenstein Mask Pictorial

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This picture tutorial will take you through the steps of creating a fun little monster of Frankenstein mask. This design is perfect for kid-friendly Halloween parties!



Step 1-Foundation: The first step is to lay down the general shapes of the monster face. Use your Amazon Green to create a rounded rectangle shape that goes below the nose and up above the eyebrows. Next, use your Wolfe Black to create the hair. Create an icicle-like hairline coming down from the forehead.


Step 2-Shadows and Depth: Use your dark green to create shadows on the face. Go just below the brow ridges to create the illusion of a projecting forehead. Also blend some dark green below the hairline and on the bottom corners of the monster face. This will give your Frankenstein depth.


Step 3-Facial Features: Time to make your mask come to life! Use a #4 round brush to create two thick teardrop shapes for eyebrows with black paint. Next, use dark green to create a U shape for the nose on the upper bridge of the child’s nose. Then, use black again to create the mouth. Use light pink to create an oval shaped tongue, and use Wolfe white to create a little square shaped tooth. You can add more teeth at this point or you could make the mouth look angry and frowning instead of smiling. If you’re pressed for time, you can stop here. If you have some extra time, I recommend adding the following additional details.


Additional Details: 

  • Stitches all over the face, especially along the forehead
  • Using the Starblend black to soften edges and add extra dimension, especially around the hair
  • White highlights on the high points of the monster’s head such as the top of the head and nose
  • Cute little freckles using a thin brush and dark green paint
  • Gray bolts under the ears

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