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Fresh Meat Zombie Makeup

This poor dear has met with some bad luck wouldn’t you agree? So freshly dead the reflection of her attacker is still flickering in her cold lifeless eyes. Truly the envy of any Scream Queen. If you want to look as good … or perhaps as bad as our victim, let us take a little walk through the makeup room and get you on your way.

The Look: Overall this is a relatively simple makeup job; pale skin, gaunt look to the face and plenty of blood. A closer look we do see a head gash and lacerations to the chest but for starters let’s learn the basics to looking dead.

Tools and Supplies:

How to apply: Always start with clean, oil free skin so that your makeup application will look its best.

Step 1. Cover the exposed skin with your light foundation. Cream foundation works well for a full body make up.

Step 2. Powder foundation by patting, not rubbing with a powder puff to set the make up.

Step 3. Wait a minute or two and then gently brush off extra powder with soft brush.

Step 4. Apply dark eye shadow to the eyelids going past the edge of the eye creating the sunken in look. Next start at the inner part of the eye socket with a short stroke under the eye adding to the effect.

Step 5. Shade in just under the cheek bones with the dark blush for gaunt cheeks.

Step 6. Using your dark blush and soft brush, darken the jaw line.

Step 7. Add mascara and eyeliner.

Step 8. Put a little eye liner on your finger and darken the eye socket near the bridge of your nose blending it in with the eye shadow.

Step 9. Apply lipstick, smear it off slightly so it doesn’t look perfect.

Step 10. Blood bath. Now you can let the blood trickle from a cotton swab and run down your face, paint the blood across your lips letting it stream down the chin and liberally splatter it anywhere you feel the need. Quick and simple steps to looking dead. Now that is a face only a maniac could love!

Extra Reel: If you want to add a little extra gore without too much work try Tinsley Transfers.  These are like temporary tattoos that look like gashes and scars easy to apply and will blend in with your make up job.

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