Frozen Inspired Design Tutorial

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This is a Frozen Inspired Eye design, for the everyday bold look, but can also be used for the face painters who have frozen themed parties so you are part of the crowd! Frozen the movie has seemed to be thriving this winter, I know it has saved be from when I was sick with the flu bug and my kids let me snooze on the couch watching the movie, and it’s also been my friend in the van with their awesome song choices, I for one have see the movie more times then I can count! My kids love it, especially my youngest who is only 2! So this inspiration is for the late nights, the kids and for the parents who constantly have “let it go” in their heads!

Items Used:

DFX Metallic white and Metallic baby Blue

DFX White

StarBlend White and Black


#2, #4 Brushes

BAM stencil


1: Spray your sponge with a spray bottle or damp and squeeze it in a cup of water, which ever you choose. and in the corner of your eye dab your DFX Metallic White.

2: Now add repeat Step one with Metallic blue and blend in, don’t be afraid to add some more Metallic white to help even it out.

3: Load your Starblend black on an angled brush on a #2 round brush ( I used an angled brush) Follow the shape of the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. You can also add some more metallic to the lower lid if you’d like.

4: With your BAM Stencil load your sponge or dauber with Starblend White ( you can also do this with DFX white but the starblend has a faint lighter side I like, more of a makeup feel then facepaint) Now with your #2 load your DFX white and make small tear drops for white eyelashes ( optional of course). I also added a couple of icicles for a frozen effect if you want to add them as well, they go under the eye, you can add as many as you’d like.

5: Now with your Selected brush, load it with DFX white and swipe it white still pretty wet over your eyelashes for a white eyelash look, (again totally optional but I think it adds to the effect) I dont recommend this on small children as they might blink and get it in their eye.

And you are finished! Congratulations! I would love to see your finished projects as their all a little different and unique to your taste!

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