Geisha-inspired Goth Makeup by Caroline Healy

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Geisha-inspired Goth Makeup by Caroline Healy

If you are looking for something different and mysterious, why not go Gothic this Halloween!

Follow these easy steps to create this look.
The neon red eyeshadow will glow under UV lights so is perfect for any nightclub or party.

Products used:

 Black Diamond FX
 White Diamond FX
 Eliza Griffith Color Me Pro Palette
    (colours used:  White, Neon Red, and Black)
 2 X Teardrop Sponges
 Mehron Kabuki Brush
 Fine Tip Number 0 Brush
 Loew-Cornell Number 1 Brush
 Eyeshadow Brush
 Mehron Black Kohl Pencil
 Black Liquid Eyeliner
 Black Mascara
 Red Lipstick


Geisha-inspired Goth Makeup 1
I began by applying a base coat of Diamond FX white, with a teardrop sponge to the face and neck. Then using a clean dry sponge I added a layer of white powder over all of the white paint.


Geisha-inspired Goth Makeup 2
Next I changed the shape of my eyebrows and added eyeliner above and below the lashes, using a black kohl pencil.


Geisha-inspired Goth Makeup 3
Using a liquid eyeliner and number 0 brush, I continued to thicken the lines above and below the lashes and also marked out my design at the corner or each eye.

Geisha-inspired Goth Makeup 4
I used Red neon powder by Eliza Griffith, color me pro on the eyelids, under the eyes and shadowing the lines coming from the corner of each eye.


Geisha-inspired Goth Makeup 5
With a number 0 brush and black Diamond FX facepaint , I darkened the eyebrows and then painted the cobwebs and dots.


Geisha-inspired Goth Makeup 6
I used a black powder with a kabuki brush along the cheekbones and also under the jaw, the create a more homogeneous and morbid look. Then I used a number 0 brush with Diamond FX white to highlight the cobwebs.

To finish I used a red lipstick  with a number one round brush and then added plenty of mascara!

I hope you found this helpful! Stay tuned for more ideas!

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