Geisha Inspired Makeup

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Geisha Inspired Makeup




1.  Using tools that are better quality, makes a difference in your final look.

2. The key to this look is blending! Use techniques such as patting on the color, and round circular motions to blend. Sometimes blending can take a little longer than expected. Be patient and keep with it! You’ll be happy with the results.



Products Used In This Picture:


1.  Using the white pressed face powder, and the powder puff, apply generously all across the face and neck.  Make sure to blend out evenly. Make sure to cover the lips. 

2.  Starting with the creme ice, and the eye shadow applicator, apply in the inner corner of the eye. Blend out about 1/3rd over the eyelid. Make sure to cover the inner corner of the eye completely, extending to a little of the nose and underneath the eye.

3. Next using the creme cherry color and applicator, start at the outer corner of the eye, and blend inward, covering about 1/3rd of the eye. Make sure to cover the crease, and blend out.

4. Using applicator and the Azalea, you’ll want to add that to the middle of the eyelid. First, blend out to the red, then blend into the white. You may want to add more color to get the right amount of each color.
the main key is to blend, blend, blend.

5. Now you’ll want to take your cherry color, and apply to the lips suing the medium round brush. Make sure to only cover a portion of the lips, creating a petal like shape. Apply generously.

6. With the medium round brush and black, contour the eyebrows and add the black details over the eyes. A coat of Final Seal will help keep the makeup from smudging.

7. Finally, pull your hair up and away from the face. Put into your up-do, and secure into place. Spray lightly, especially around the hairline with temporary red hair color.

Your look is complete!

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