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geishageisha side

A fun and classic Halloween costume is a Geisha. Geisha are amazing women who deserve nothing less than to be portrayed with honor and grace.  There are many different twists and renditions from the historical look. I’ve taken creative license to add a little modern flair, as many folks do today. Here is how to create the look:


Mehron White StarBlend Cake or Paradise White Face Paint
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Azalea
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Amethyst
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Aztec Gold
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Ice Compact
Ben Nye Starry Night

Wolfe Red Face Paint
Diamond FX Black Face Paint


Ben Nye Angle Contour/Rouge Brush RB-4 (5/8″)
Round Brush #1
Aqualon Filbert Brush #8 (1/4″)
1/2in Chisel Brush
Powder Puff

1. Using either a Mehron Star blend white, or face paint, gentle apply all over face, going up and fading into the hairline.


2. Next using red face paint,  and the filbert brush add the classic pouty lip shape. As you can see it does not cover all of my lips. Since my lips are thin, I extended the red outside of the lips on the bottom to give a fuller look. Don’t worry if they are not perfect, we will be adding more.



3. Using the crimson red eye shadow, add to the lids, under the lids and up along the side. Blend in the lines to make soft. Use your creativity to make a shape that you like, and also that fits the face.



4. I added additional colors and blended into the red. including the lips. I added a golden yellow to the cheek bones, and pearl white in the corner of the eyes.


5. Next using a small round brush, and black face paint, add liner to the top of the eyelids and extending on each side. Add to the bottom of the eye as well.  Outline the eyebrows with a thin, black line.

6. Now using the purple and black eyeshadow, add shadows to the outer crease of the eye. Blend in with the black eyeliner.

7. Using the small round brush and the red face paint, outline the lips.

geisha side

There you have the look!


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