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TAG face paints has been one of the favorite brands of face paints in our store. Since Halloween is right around the corner, this month we’re giving 10% off on all TAG face paints!

TAG Regular Colors

TAG Regular Face Paint blends easily and provides long lasting coverage that does not peel or crack. It is very easy to apply, comfortable to wear and easy to clean up. TAG’s wax based formulation allows the face paint to flex with the body without cracking. TAG Face Paints have a soft and creamy consistency and can be activated very easily with minimal water.

f21104 f21107 f21109

TAG Pearl Colors

For shining and shimmering face paint designs, the TAG Pearl colors will fit right in! It is perfect for adding shiny and metallic effects to your face painting designs. Just like the Regular colors, the TAG Pearl colors are very easy to apply and remove. It also does not crack and flexes along body movements.

f21155 f21156 f21169

TAG Neon Colors

Need your designs to glow under blacklight? The TAG Neon colors allows designs to get UV effects under the blacklight. These face paints are useful for creating designs for parties, clubs and other events with blacklight setting.

f21182 f21186 f21187

TAG Palettes and Split Cakes

TAG face paints are also available in palettes and split cakes allowing face painters to be very flexible when it comes to their designs.


f21332 f2130630

These are just some of the products that we have in store for you from TAG! Click the product headers for the complete selection!

Do not forget to use the coupon code “tagart” to get 10% off on your TAG face paints order!

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