Getting your Ghoul on!

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Don’t Hyde out this Halloween, let us get you in the groove!

Halloween season is fast approaching and you want to look your best…. or worst when you go out in public. has you covered when it comes to bringing out the inner beast.


Prepare to scare:

Get things moving quickly with a ready to go makeup kit. We have a vat of various appliances and character kits to point you in the right direction. Victim or predator that is no problem with the Woochie appliances. Pointed ears, witch noses, or a full on werewolf makeover are in stock and waiting for you to put them into action. Make sure you also get the correct adhesives and removers for the task at hand

.Fresh Meat Zombie Makeup

Bloody disgusting:

Blood to splatter, splotch, smudge and smear; if that’s your goal we have it here. Having the right blood for the makeup is very important and that is why we have a bank full from which you can choose. You may need your blood to be thin to trickle from a wound or thick to give the appearance of clotting. So take a look to see which on is best for your casualty.


Fangs alot:

Wicked fangs and rotting teeth we have what it takes to make your smile look vile. Scarecrow fangs were the first to break the mold of the cheesy plastic monster teeth and give the consumer a more realistic movie style set of fangs. Still one of the largest selling brands today, these fangs won’t let you down. Liquid tooth enamel is a great way to alter those pearly whites and give everyone a fright.

We’ve only begun to Scratch the surface with the possibilities of using quality makeup products. Don’t get Left in the Dark this Halloween, we have so many great tutorials here on our blog page that you’d have to be mad not to find something to be this year.


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