Ghouls gone Global!

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If you haven’t heard we have recently added a new line of makeup to our ever-growing supply house. The Global line of face paint colors started back in 1992 in Australia and has been making its trek around the world so to speak. These paints meet FDA and European safety standards, giving users the assurance they have purchased a quality makeup product.

Standard colors

Standard colors

The Global Company strives to provide rich colors with great opacity to give excellent coverage on designs and still cleans off easily with little to no staining of the skin. To activate theses paints, you can spray the cake with water or simply wet your brush and work the water into the cake. Once you have softened the paint cake you will see it turn creamy and you are ready to go.



Global offers a huge spectrum of colors from which to choose including neon and split cakes. The split cakes are also out of this world. Now for a trial run I decide to go for black and white to see how opaque these paints really were. The Grim Reaper photo at the top of the page was accomplished with Global black and white, as you can see there is no skin showing through. I didn’t have to work hard to get the paints to fully cover my skin, the paints did not bleed allowing contrast where needed and blended well for shading. 


Melbourne split cake

So if you are looking to add some new colors to the makeup kit, give Global a try; you will be thrilled if you do.


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