Goth Lipstick Tutorial

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This Gothic look is great for not only Goth, but great for Halloween costumes such as an evil witch, or dark temptress!

Products Used:

Ben Nye Black Lipstick

DFX Black Paint (for outlining)

Red Glitter Lipstick (for bottom lip)

Goth Lips Tutorial


1: Outline your upper lip with the DFX Black (this will blend it with your black lipstick), this is to give yourself a little bit of leeway just in case your not the best at getting a nice line (like me!) with your black lipstick.

2: Start dragging the DFX black downward and just the top of the bottom lip.

3: Now with your Black lipstick apply a generous portion onto your top lip and only covering half of your bottom lip( you need room for the red lipstick to blend!)

4(top left final): Add your Red lipstick to the bottom part of your remaining bottom lip, this will blend like so and great a dark red to transition into black effect.

Top Right Final: I have also added some black glitter of my own for a cool effect ( but it’s totally optional), I don’t recommend doing this if you lick your lips often or tend to drink from a cup without a straw, you might get glitter all over everything! haha!

I’m so glad that you read my tutorial watch out for more! If you didn’t quite get it the first time, that’s okay! Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, Practice makes perfect!

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