Gothic Steampunk Princess

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Gothic Steampunk Princess


1. Make sure to use FDA approved face and body paints. Never use acrylic paints or paints that are not intended for use on the skin.  

2. Use tools that are better quality, especially brushes. It makes a difference! 


Products Used In This Picture:


1.  Using the white pressed face powder and powder puff, apply generously all across the face, and even down the neck, shoulders and chest if you so choose. 

2. With the Black makeup pencil accent the eyebrows.

3. Next using a makeup brush, apply the purple eye shadow all along the eyelids, and surround the eyes, making sure to blend out.

4. Next using your black eye shadow, dip your brush in water, and add black eye shadows and outline only the eye lashes. Once it’s dry you’ll want to blend out the black into the purple.

5. Now using your #3 Brush, and the black face paint, lightly and quickly draw lines starting at the eyes and curving out. Extend the lines out to the checks, and to just above the eyebrows. 

6.  Get ready to apply the eyelashes, by adding eyelash glue to the base of the fake lashes. Let it dry for a moment and then to apply lashes, starting at the inner corner of your eye, press into your natural lashes. Let dry.

7. Apply final seal to set the makeup.

8. Finish by applying the black glitter lipstick. 



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