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Graftobian makeup has been on the scene since the 70’s as is constantly expanding product lines from everyday cosmetics to the camera-ready line used on hi fashion photography and film shoots. With locations in Wisconsin and New York this family based company strives to bring both quality and value to the consumer. Whether using the daily wear makeup or theatrical supplies you can be assured all of their products meet FDA safety standards. Graftobian is no stranger to the Halloween and horror genre with enough products to fill and mad scientists lab. This is why we are excited to have Graftobian in our lineup of professional makeup and supplies; we want to deliver the best to our consumers.

Just in! Our shipment of the newest product line from Graftobian, Pro Paint and I didn’t hesitate to put it to task.  Impressive pigmentation, coverage and performance, this glycerin-based formula works up a rich creamy texture when activated by water for a smooth and even consistency in application. I tested the Pro Paint palettes 1 & 2 and found that nearly all of the colors activated with just a little water. Touch ups can be done with a wet wipe but do use soap and water to fully clean off the makeup. The cream like nature of this makeup would allow some light application to be done without water. The colors not only are rich but also give full opacity when applied properly.

Graftobian Pro Paint Kit #1

Graftobian Pro Paint
Kit #1

Pro kit #1 This sturdy artist kit holds 1large individual paint cakes and the color guide label above is great for reordering. You will be impressed with colors like Crimson Red, Wild Violet and Mantis Green or my favorite Graveyard Grey. These colors will not disappoint in coverage or brilliance true and crisp to the end. This makeup also dries to a nice matte finish and sets for a very smudge resistant finish.


Above is an example of the Pro Paint Kit #1 all applied with a small amount of a water on the brush, mixing into the cake for a cream like texture.

Graftobian Pro Paint  Kit #2

Graftobian Pro Paint
Kit #2

Pro kit #2 The packaging is the same as kit #1 but you will find some special FX styles of paint in this kit.

The top row has four of the most realistic metallic makeup I have seen, lending itself some great ideas for post apocalyptic steam punk makeup.


Row 2 is Neon which is a great makeup for those black light rooms in a Haunted attraction, but definitely wild and vibrant enough to be used in daylight.

IMG_0010 IMG_0012

The bottom row has some interesting shades not in the standard color palette Magenta, Eggplant and Aztec Turquoise, soft yet rich. The Second skin shade is excellent and admittedly difficult to show the contrast on our models skin, hence the name second skin.


You can see first hand Graftobian lives up to there reputation of quality products and keeps striving to deliver new ideas to the market. We will be using these kits in some up coming makeup demos, so stay tuned.



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