Grinch Inspired Makeup and Lip Tutorial

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Grinch Inspired just for my pal Dedd Fredd! This is a great gentle design for everyday wear! If you are that daring which I know some of you are! For the less daring this would be also great for a Christmas/Holiday party, your face should light up the room with it’s grinch-i-ness!

Items Used for Eye Design:

Mehron Starblend Black/Green ( these are about the size of the inside of your palm, they will last forever! I’ve had mine for over a year! and I haven’t even see it have a divot I swear!)

DFX Black and Red ( the link is for 10gms) which about the size of a half dollar coin. That should be enough for quite a bit of designs on your face ( if you are a beginner )

Makeup Brushes and a #2 brush for the black swirls and heart

False Eyelashes and Glue

Items used for Lips:

Red Lipstick

DFX Black and White

Vaseline/Clear Lip Gloss




Instructions for Eye Design:

1: With your Brush, gently blend in your Starblend green all the way up past your eyebrow and create a dull point.

2: Now with your filbert makeup brush make a dull like sprouting from the corner of your tear duct

3: Continue to create the line with a curve for your eyebrow bone for guidance ( dont worry I had a hard time with this as mine is hidden! For anyone who has it sticking out or protruding this step will be easy!

4: Now with your Angle brush load it with your Black Starblend and repeat step three to make sharper line, Take the angle brush and make another line from the corner of your eye to the ending of the other line ending just a little bit above the eyebrow.

5/6: Add a darker eyebrow(which is totally optional!) Now load your #2 brush with DFX black and start following that sharp line you just made in step 4. It does not have to be straight, after all the Grinch is definitely not perfect right? Then continue to make your swirls starting from the inside of the curl and connecting it to your line you just made. this makes it easier (for me anyway) to connect it the right way. Now the signature heart is optional but I think it just adds to the “Grinch” feel!

7: (before you grab your glue make sure your false eyelashes fit your eye, you might have to cut an end off!)Grab your eyelash glue and put it right above your eyelashes, you do not need a lot just a couple needle point dots.

8: Grab your false eyelashes and put them on carefully to the top of where you placed your glue, remember the smaller end goes on the inside of your eye as well! Add some mascara and tada you are done!

And you are finished with your Eye design! Congrats! Lets move on to the lips shall we?




Instructions for lip design:

1: With your DFX white dab your finger is some water and add it to your lips just in the middle though, this is for a lighter shade of red in the middle for your lips DFX is great for blending!

2: out line your lips in DFX black for a darker outline when applying the lipstick!

3: add your red lipstick and following your outline of your black you should be seeing the blending happening!

4: Add your vaseline and you are done! it’s easy as that!

Now you’ve created a great look for the holidays!

Happy Holidays!!

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